Universal insulation panels for apparel

The best cost to performance ratio can be realized by a strategic use of nanotechnology and traditional lofted insulations. Applying AEROTHERM insulation panels in apparel compression zones in combination with common lofted insulations in remaining areas will achieve optimal performance. Compression of lofted insulation in certain areas of clothing such as the knees, elbows and shoulders results in poor thermal performance of the lofted insulation. These areas exhibit body heat loss resulting in the person becoming exposed to cold temperatures. Thermal imaging demonstrates the superior performance of aerotherm as compared to lofted insulation. See the picture of a person sitting in an environment near 0°F. The areas in yellow indicate where the majority of heat loss occurs in the jacket and pant:

Without aerotherm

Using thermal imaging we can see that insulating the compression areas with AEROTHERM panels prevents heat loss:

With Extreme Option aerotherm Custom Panels

We have designed 10 universal insulation panels for use in apparel that can be used in a variety of combinations to create varying degrees of thermal performance for different conditions.

These panels are combined to make 4 sets to use for different conditions:

The panels can be used without any additional insulation or together with common lofted insulations.

Compression Set


Minimum Set


Optimum Set


Extreme Set