Universal components for footwear

Aerotherm due to it’s remarkable properties (no loss of thermal protection under compression) is extremely effective in footbeds, insoles.

Basic footwear insulation aerogel pads - insole shape, toe and heel caps:



AEROGEL INSOLES - 2 times better insulation

 3D arched insole, top - PU foam. bottom - Aerotherm insulation pad with reflective foil





  • A hiking boot was heated from the inside to a temperature of about 95°C for about 20 minutes.
  • An IR image of the bottom of the boot (outsole) was recorded.
  • Two setups were tried:
    • Boot with footbed and no aerotherm aerogel insulation.
    • Boot with aerotherm aerogel footbed.
  • When looking at the depressions in the lug pattern, less heat loss is seen with the aerogel footbed vs. the foam footbed.